Chatbot Solutions for Enterprises

As marketing technology evolves, Mobylogix is helping to bring content marketing to the next level. Even big enterprises often struggle to create and distribute relevant content to their audience. Chatbots and artificial intelligent assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are emerging as major new platforms, providing new and different types of searching and a new set of challenges for content marketing. In particular for enterprises, brands and organizations Mobylogix offers the development of customized chatbots to enter into personalized and automated communication with customers and prospects.

Project Description

Each project has a dedicated technical project manager who is responsible for the project until going live. All our projects consist of 3 phases.

In this phase we develop the main requirements together with our clients. Starting with a call – followed by a workshop – we define the detailed features and the scope of the project.


Workshop for detailed definition

Specifications and project plan

After phase 1 we start implementing the chatbot framework and static dialogues, followed by our dynamic rule based reasoning. Ongoing testing assures that everything works as defined before going live.

Setup chatbot framework, implentation questions and answers

Setup rule based reasoning engine for dynamic matching of answers to questions

Integration external services, configuration learning engine, testing

This phase starts directly after going live. Hosted at the high security Mobylogix platform we provide an easy to use backend interface to our platform where our clients can change and adjust their content. Due to ongoing enhancements of our platform also the features of our bots will enhance automatically.

Hosting & Support via Chat / Email / Phone


Chatbot Training