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It is not a surprise to anyone that more and more people switch to use mobile phones more often than laptops to search the internet. With those numbers growing systematically grow the costs for mobile ads.

As an example for Facebook apps, mobile ads contributed to total of 80% of Facebook ad revenues, total ads revenues reached 5.6 billion $. Due to the opportunities to promote mobile apps on Facebook, the costs only keep increasing. This article is intended to reveal some opportunities to reduce ad costs when promoting your mobile app.

Developing a marketing plan

First, it is suggested that advertising program is adjusted to all the events, target audience and business goals. Estimate the budget accordingly to financial expectations. What is important, target the countries, business and customers who are your target audience. For example, if you are developing mobile apps and website, you might want to target entrepreneurs, who are just into the business and have little or no online presence. Check the statistics of your mobile app, if no customers are buying on the mobile app, is there any use to put mobile ads? If the website is mobile-friendly, it does not mean that the user experience is good? Make sure website it good not only to run on phone but also optimized for conversions.

Check the traffic.

By checking the Google Analytics you are able to see the conversion rates and what geographical locations contribute to the majority of it. If you see the locations that are not generating any profits, then exclude those unless you find a new ways how to make those locations buy from you. Do not forget about the possibility to target even on the city level. It is as well suggested that you check the profiles of the new customers and look for similarities in order to target even more precisely your potential customer. You can also check commonalities in your customer profiles on the social networks you use. Check the conversions for keywords, ads and ad groups. Check the customer journey, which led him/her to purchase. To see correct data, do not forget to put campaign tracking parameters to each campaign.

Test the ads first

It is recommended to start with smaller budgets to run ads, in order to determine, which ones are worth investing. You can try similar ads with slight changes. Make assumptions based on the Data you get. (CPI, CPC, CTR). If after some amount of time, some of the campaigns were unprofitable it might be useful to pause them unless you think of the changes which would lead to sales to save the money.


There are users, who visited your website, also the ones who visited specific product/service category and the ones, who abandoned the purchase. It is very important to use the retargeting to remind them about yourselves.

Check the successful apps

Check apps that have lots of downloads to get the picture on how the profitable ones look like, what the user experience they bring. Put the efforts in the design, user experience and also the look-like of your app in the Play store. (Logo quality, prettiness, resolution and etc.)

In this article we listed the commonly proposed strategies, which we believe can work for you!

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