In this digital era, the desire for smart and feature-packed web solutions is ever-growing. Web app development seems to be the center of attention after the revolution of eCommerce business. Enterprises want fast, secure, and high-tech web applications with highly personalized UX to maximize user experience.

The demand of the users to acquire an enhanced experience has made the developers across the world to redefine what strong user experience means online? The changing demands of the users have made web development companies adopt the latest technologies and this is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture. 

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

You might have heard this word so many times that you have started wondering: What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that tends to make PCs smart enough to make decisions and carry out actions usually performed by humans. It is a field of studies that accentuates the making of such machines that can learn, recognize voices, plan, and solve issues and respond like humans. Almost 77 % of the devices that we use in everyday life use AI in one form or another.

Web developers can utilize the AL algorithm to create ideal solutions that can run at quicker rates without the involvement of any manual impedance. 

Why Should Companies Implement AI in Web Development?

Due to the changing attitude of the customers towards online shopping, eCommerce firms are implementing innovative technologies in web app development such as voice search, chatbots, etc. According to researchers, AI will enable businesses to voice and visualize their products in the future. It will help eCommerce firms to understand the customers’ attitudes and produce goods that meet their demands.

Approximately 84% of the businesses say AI allows them to enter into new business ventures and sustain a competitive advantage. A number of large eCommerce businesses are using AI in their web applications to control clients identified with design, layout, content, branding, etc. Many successful companies are already using artificial intelligence: their web platform learns and analyzes user behavior on their own, thus improving itself every day. 

When it comes to the implementation of artificial intelligence into web development, the platform offers a plethora of advantages. 

6 Key Advantages of Executing AI in Web Development

1. AI helps to create Web Analytics for SEO

Creating a website is just not enough! The numerical parity of where your website ranks are the things that make it to the customers. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a vital part of a website design that takes you close to your clients. AI assists in finding the anomalies in the web design and also look at the non-SEO friendly content that can use penalties from google. Ai will enable you to create content that is focused on the audience. Moreover, you can enhance the usage of site data, as well as clients’ metadata – on account of artificial intelligence. 

2. Automated Analysis & Web Statistics

Collecting customers’ prerequisites and statistics is an easy process. Well, with Ai, you can easily automate all these processes of gathering clients’ data and requirements with an Al-powered voice colleague and chatbot. Furthermore, it will analyze the gathered information that will automatically improve website design and development methodologies. Artificial intelligence is not just for statistics automation, but also for image recognition, website implementation, building artificial visions that are used for i3.

3. Ensures better interaction

AI technologies have made the chatbots look more natural. Currently, artificial intelligence can interpret text but soon they will learn how to recognize human emotions. Approximately, 51% of the business executives believe that artificial intelligence has enhanced their website’s features, functions, and performances. This is because online users find it easier to get information about the products via chatbots. This option has removed the barriers of waiting for the reply from a consultant, making online web interaction even more easy and pleasant. Today, experts predict that the chatbot market will rise to $3.5 billion by the year 2022. 

4. Effective Marketing in the Future

In the future, AI technologies will be able to find out what kind of products customers will buy?  What pleases and what annoys customers? What price range is more suitable for which category of the customers? With all the required data, it will open great marketing opportunities for eCommerce marketers. By collecting all the data related to customers’ attitudes, AI technologies will pinpoint all the pros and cons of your marketing strategies. Thus, enterprises should consider getting web app development services with Ai integration. 

5. Voice Search optimization to Enhance User Experience

About 36% of enterprises believe that artificial intelligence has helped them to optimize the operations of the internal business. Among all optimization operations, voice search optimization is the fastest growing web design trend. As 80% of the users prefer their mobile phones over a desktop to search for a product, companies have to optimize voice search eventually to facilitate users. In this aspect, AI technologies are the future of successful websites. This will not only speed up the process but will maximize accuracy. 

6. Coding From Scratch For Smart Applications

Artificial intelligence in web development helps to automate various processes, allowing developers to create ideal solutions. With AI technologies, users can code from scratch to develop smart and secure applications with quick turnaround time. AI  provides suggestions for coding that will power up eCommerce websites. 

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is transforming the digital world as more research is being done in this area. According to the reports of MIT, investments in artificial intelligence startups grew 7 times since 2000. Its importance for better user experience, marketing, business growth is undeniably huge. With fast, secure, reliable, and automated websites, AI technologies will transform the digital world by the next decade. This is the reason why companies like Mobylogix are using advanced technologies to develop smart web solutions.