Being and surviving in today’s business world is tough. Every business is trying to stay connected with customers as much as possible. There is no concept of regular business hours in today’s online society we live in. Your customer can get in touch with you anytime and want an instant response. If you don’t, someone else will!

Before you spend a lot of budget on hiring teams for alternate shifts, there’s a solution—Chatbots.

Regardless of the size, almost all small and large companies are getting chatbots as part of much needed digital transformation. According to the Forrester report 2020, many businesses became able to provide highly customized automated customers experiences and gained business benefits.

Chatbots Statistics 2020:

The global chatbot market is set to reach CAGR of 37.11 by the year 2021- Orbit Research

80% of the businesses will adopt chatbots for the best CAST by the year 2022- Oracle

Chatbots are expected to cut organizational costs by $8 billion by the year 2022- Juniper Research.

As the demand for ACX-Automated Customer Experience is rising, the need for chatbots is also increasing in the market. However, for successful development and implementation of chatbots, businesses require a strategic approach. 

This article outlines 5 key considerations for developing and implementing successful chatbots that will maximize CSAT and ROI. 

Artificial intelligence

1- Embrace AI-Powered Chatbots

Organizations must invest in those tools that are easy to use and user-friendly for typical users. While thinking of getting chatbots, businesses must go for AI-powered chatbot technologies that can be operated and customized by CX teams. 

With Artificial technology, building customer support chatbots is no longer a time-consuming and highly technical task. Developers can use code-less and easy-to-use platforms to build chatbots with hand-on knowledge to empower CX professionals. 

Without being tied to IT complications, AI-powered chatbots can be introduced, altered, and strengthened in ways that solve customers’ problems in real-time.

2- Execute Multiple Chatbots For Multiple Tasks

Multiple types of chatbots are imperative for businesses as they enable them to track and perform multiple functions seamlessly. Enterprises who have multiple tasks to be performed should deploy multi-purpose chatbots that will communicate with multiple systems and perform functions within each of them. 

The software development company should offer pre-developed and ready to implement bots that will address certain use cases (Customer Support, Lead Generation). They must provide chatbots that can be customized to suit your business needs and that can help manage multiple workflows and processes seamlessly. For instance, a lead generation chatbot answers customers’ queries as well as FAQ, website, or document.

3- Consider International Audience

Some companies use chatbots to provide 24/7 customer support anywhere around the world but fail to generate a good automation ROI due to their chatbots failing to communicate with the international audience.

Communicating with customers speaking different languages is certainly challenging. That’s you should consider using multilingual self-service support that will quickly become part of the brand’s differentiation. If you have a customer support team, it will require them to carry a dictionary and translate everything. A right chatbot solution not only translates customers’ queries instantly but will answer them in their respective languages. 

4- Focus On Highly Personalized Experiences

CSAT is simply more than a score. Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on the company’s reputation and the degree of personalization provided by a chatbot will greatly influence the outcomes. 

That’s why businesses must consider investing in a highly efficient chatbot solution that will provide a highly personalized customer experience leading to business success. 

A business-oriented chatbot solution must have the following capabilities:

  • Understanding query context and providing unique responses accordingly. 
  • Identifying customer names and addressing them.
  • Attracting customers with tailored offerings that synchronize customers’ intent and interest. 

5- Bridging With Other Platforms

Before getting a chatbot solution, check if it has the ability to share texts between users, and cross-functional systems. This will also include recording messages stored between users, as well as failure and success categorizing messages. This way, businesses can get a crystal-clear and comprehensive report of the functionality and usefulness of chatbots as well as chatbot development platforms.

6- Highly Efficient Automated Actions

Businesses want chatbots to automate actions, provide highly efficient customer support, improve CSAT, and generate maximum revenue through automated up-sells. As demand for self-service is increasing day-by-day, organizations should look for platforms that let customers do more on their own including:

  • Update contact information & make necessary changes
  • Automatically schedule & bookings
  • Process payments instantly 
  • Upgrade account products and services
  • Leverage coupons and discounts

7- Also Focus On Handoff

Chatbots shouldn’t work against live agents-it is quite opposite. They should work together to provide the best customer experience.  Chatbots cannot solve all the issues, there come some problems that need a human brain. For building a great customer support team, organizations need chatbot platforms that allow both parties to help and assist customers with ease. 

The success of a chatbot comes down to how a query is transferred from chatbot to a live agent. A chatbot should be able to retrieve and connect customers with the live agent—within the same interface. However, connecting with the agent in the right department is where things can get complicated. 

It’s important for businesses to get the right chatbot solution that can connect a customer with the right agent in the right department. 

Wrapping Up:

This article covers various points that businesses must keep in mind while developing a successful chatbot. 

investing in the right chatbot platform can dramatically transform your customer care strategy, leading your business to success. However, choosing the right one for your business is the key to driving results.

There are many chatbot development companies out there, it is imperative for organizations to choose and assess bots with features that will actually facilitate customer care services.

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