When you are running, promoting, and marketing business, many of the steps you take may seem related to each other. Building campaigns, posting on social media, generating successful leads, creating content, etc. have much in common and that is: to bring maximum traffic on your website. Each of these steps, however, are key parts of Digital Marketing. So, What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a catch-all for any type of business marketing done through the internet. When you use online sources from websites to email, social media platforms, video ads, etc. you are a digital marketer. It provides a set of tools and marketing strategies helping businesses to maximize their online appearance. Today, Digital marketing has become an integral part of any business as it provides a route map to reach maximum customers in the shortest time possible. If done right, digital marketing strategies can boost conversion rates leading to 2.8 times better revenue for your business.

Why Adopt A Digital Marketing Strategy?

In today’s competitive era, taking your brand forward is no less than a challenge. Online promotion increases your sales in less time simply because it creates a healthy stream of customers that ultimately increase your profit. With the ever-evolving digital marketing tools & strategies, it is essential that you adopt effective strategies to reach maximum customers.

Here is a roundup of the top 7 digital marketing strategies that you will need to adapt if you wish to reach today’s business standards. 

1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Paid advertising or Pay-per-click(PPC) remains a common yet most effective digital advertising tool where you pay an ad network to make people click on your website, hence more traffic. It is a good option, particularly, for startups who want to circulate their brand in the market within a limited budget. 

PPC also gets your website a more prominent visible place in the search engines. Google ads have gone through multiple advancements over the years like adding phone numbers so users can contact you with one tap. With the right PPC services, the ad will reach your exact audience driving your maximum leads and raising ROI.

Moreover, PPC can be integrated with In-App Advertising to target a potentially larger user base. Based on the user’s device, location and interest In-App will display relevant ads over the time to enhance conversions.

2. Video Advertisement

Video advertising continues to be the most effective digital marketing strategy as we roll into 2020. Nowadays, video content has become the primary medium to increase the brand’s awareness. According to the surveys of eMarket, video marketing accounted for 75% of all the consumer traffic in the year 2019. It led to 800% more conversions than landing pages and other mediums and, to be honest, there is a good reason for it. Humans, as visual species, find videos more interesting, memorable, and engaging. If you want to increase conversions and exposure, video ads are the best way to go. 

3. Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other social platforms have created their own system of advertisement. Small Businesses across the world have been relying on social media advertising useful to increase their outreach and brand awareness. People spend a lot of time on these platforms to find entertainment and catch up with friends. According to research, the average person spends 10 hours a month on social apps. Among all, Facebook has the highest number of users, so it tends to be the most effective platform for social media marketing. 

What makes social media advertising more useful is that they reach a huge number of targeted people than search-based ads. What happens is that people see your ad and if your product interests them, they get in touch with you instantly. 

Online Marketing

4. SEO & Content

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a well worth marketing tactic that triggers a high number of customers and drives sales. It is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy that helps you to reach even those areas where other mediums cannot. With back-linking, strong content, and keyword optimization, you are more likely to lure customers back to your website, ultimately leading them to the conversion funnel. Moreover, link building is also an effective technique to receive traffic from other websites linked to you. 

5. Develop Call-to-Action Button

Developing CTA (Call to action) has become a successful marketing tool. A CTA is simply an image or a text that makes people take action immediately like subscribe,sign-up, add to cart, read more, contact the company, view product demo & many more. 

By developing a call to action button, the users will directly land on your website, thus boosting traffic. A CTA should always be attractive and convincing enough to persuade a radon visitor to tap the button landing them into your marketing channel. 

6. Retargeting Campaigns

PPC, video, and social media ads increase your prospects. However, retargeting campaigns intend to bring customers back who showed interest but didn’t take any action to get your services. Retargeting campaigns with little but convincing changes can convert those people into customers than new leads. Retargeting Option is available on almost all platforms such as Google, Facebook, Email, etc.

7. Redefine Target Audience

The reason why digital marketing has become indispensable for businesses today is that it has improved reach exponentially. By defining target demographics, you can invest in the right campaigns that will be far more effective for your business. Refine your targets after result-based analytics and then start a campaign that targets the right audience. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you understand how effective your campaign is and if you are reaching the right audience.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing has become an undeniably vast marketing ecosystem that is crucial for enhancing your presence online. By applying the right digital marketing tools, and implementing the right strategies, you can maximize your company’s profit in a very short time. Implement digital marketing strategies mentioned above in a synchronized way to generate favorable business outcomes and high ROI. 

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