The power to access information and perform activities anytime, anywhere is the reason why the mobile application industry is rising to new heights. Just like all other industries, the mobile revolution has also paved the way for the revolution in the healthcare sector. Whether it is about providing information to patients or diagnosing a physical ailment, healthcare apps now have become a norm to deliver better healthcare facilities to patients right at fingertips. 

Today, there are almost 285 healthcare apps present on the Google store and healthcare mobile app revenue will reach up to $236 billion by the year 2026. This is because healthcare apps connect doctors and patients without any effort. Gone are the days when patients had to wait for a long time in the dull and monotonous waiting halls to see their doctors. The way people are adapting to mobile technology, the demand for healthcare apps has increased. 

In this article, we have covered some core benefits of developing a mobile application. 

1- HealthCare Mobile App—A Blessing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Though doctors and healthcare workers, all around the globe, are struggling to save the lives of the people affected by a coronavirus, the virus is still spreading fast. As the whole world has been affected by this, social distancing has become the only way to stay safe.

While hospitals are filled with corona patients, it is not safe for non-COVID patients to visit their doctors in the hospital. There are chances that they may get affected as hospitals are filled with COVID infected patients. So where do they get help from? Thanks to healthcare mobile applications. These apps have helped people to access the necessary information and connect with the doctors virtually to get help. Some of the mobile applications also give the option to text, call, or video call their doctors if necessary. 

Through these applications, doctors can learn about the patient’s symptoms, diseases, and provide a digital description an absolutely hassle-free treatment.

2- Timely Treatment For Remote Patients

Healthcare mobile applications have tremendous benefits for patients in rural or remote areas that have limited healthcare facilities. Sometimes, patients in remote areas die because they can’t reach the hospital on time. With the help of mobile apps, patients can access the right treatment timely.

Moreover, these patients can schedule video calls and get digital treatment without having to travel to a hospital. Users can also get useful healthcare tips through push notification. This is particularly useful these days to remind patients to wash hands and take other precautionary measures to save themselves from COVID-19

3- A Boon For Doctors & Nurses

Though healthcare mobile apps are more beneficial for patients, they have also become a boon for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Due to these apps, the doctors and nurses don’t need to pay long in-person visits to their doctors, instead, they can treat them through short and instant digital visits.

A well-developed healthcare application also keeps records of each patient’s information and doctors can quickly catch up about their patient’s previous records in just a few clicks. These apps have more benefits for Physicians who can guide their old-aged patients virtually so they don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting hospitals again and again. 

Healthcare Mobile Applications

4- Eliminates the Risks of the Wrong Diagnosis

In the past, patients had to grow through a lot of trouble and some of them even lose their lives due to the wrong diagnostic approach. However, a healthcare app keeps detailed information about diseases and helps doctors and healthcare specialists to do the error-free diagnosis. It nullifies all the risks of the wrong diagnosis that may become life-threatening for the patients. 

As doctors receive an error-free report about the patient’s condition, they prescribe the right medicines with the right chemical composition. These apps also reduce complexity as doctors can save the patients’ health information with cloud facilities.

5- Significant Reduction In TheMedical Expenses

Skyrocketing medical bills have always been like a nightmare for the patients. Most of the people fear to go to hospitals because of the large fees. However, healthcare apps have turned out to be a blessing for the people.

For example, a regular visit to a US hospital will cost you almost $200 while a healthcare mobile app costs only 100$-150$ per year. 

It is probably the best thing about healthcare apps that they have significantly reduced medical expenses. As patients can perform almost all tasks on their smartphones, and they don’t have to travel to hospitals, it will certainly ease the burden off their pockets.

6- Seamless Payment of Bills

Before the mobile application, the medical expense payment process was way too complicated. Patients had to wait in the long queues to get their medical dues clear. A healthcare mobile app facilitates you to make your payments promptly with a highly secured gateway integration. 

Due to the smooth payment process, mobile apps have gained popularity both among the patients and doctors. If a patient forgets to make any payment, he will be notified through push notifications.

7- Increase Branding

As more and more people around the world are leaning towards mobile applications, a healthcare mobile app will maximize your branding. It will attract the maximum number of customers who seek medical assistance, thus providing your great benefits. 

Through these mobile apps, you can also send push notifications, your email, contact, and other website details.

Wrapping up

Dueto mobile applications, healthcare industries are now going under massive transformation.  The medical and health industry has been listed as one of the top three areas which have accelerated the growth of mobile applications. This is because mobile applications have the potential to transform the overall healthcare system by providing efficiency and improving overall healthcare services. 

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