Mobile phones have become indispensable for life nowadays. Currently, 2.1 billion people worldwide use smartphones performing almost every day-to-day activity. With the overgrowing popularity of smartphones, more and more users are using apps from listening to music to messaging, reading news, watching videos, locating places, performing transactions, and now even for managing businesses.

With the explosion of the digital market, connecting people across the boundaries is no more a difficult task as everything is executed effortlessly through mobile apps. With the advancement in technology, the number of mobile apps is increasing with each passing day, thus helping us perform complex tasks with ease. 

Establishing Marketing Goals With Mobile Apps

The ever-growing demand for mobile apps has led to the explosion of the mobile app development industry. The industry has shown rapid growth in the past few years.  From banking to healthcare, education institutes, organizations, and every other business, the mobile apps-era surrounds everything.

Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of the businesses that use it to connect with people, access information, conduct transactions, and manage other business activities. These mobile apps account for 42% of the sales for Fortune 500 companies as they allow companies to communicate directly with their customers via promotions, ads, notifications, etc. 

An average consumer has about 25 apps installed on his device and spends almost 40 hours a month using them which makes mobile apps the next smash hit in the technology field. They have evolved from being just a communication tool into an indispensable part of a successful business tool.

To stay responsive, relevant, and successful, businesses are seeking mobile apps that they can use to extract information within seconds as well as stay connected and updated.  This has resulted in fierce competition in the mobile application market. According to an estimate, the mobile industry will grow by 100$ by 2021.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business

The significance of mobile phone apps for business is very palpable. Mobile app development services are truly recommended for anyone who wants to boost their sales using technology. Below are some ways why mobile apps are essential for business:

Business Exposure:

This is the fundamental purpose of getting a mobile app. Having an attractive app will enhance the visibility of your products and the growth of your business. Customers tend to associate with companies that they see more often. 

Increase accessibility:

This is one of the most important benefits of mobile apps. It enables businesses to send notifications and let people know what is new that you are offering. A single notification can reach almost 8% of the world population giving you an opportunity to build a genuine customer base.

High ROI:

Getting a mobile app leads a company towards a healthy ROI. These apps increase the reach of business, enhance value, sales, and ultimately profit. 

Transform Retail Experience:

Mobile apps allow retailers to always remain one step ahead of their customer’s expectations. There are several businesses that are built completely digitally, thus cutting down store costs and increasing profitability.

An Effective Marketing Tool:

About 85% of the users prefer a native mobile app over a website to find a product or service. A mobile app that has all the information, newsfeed, products, etc. in one place. All they have to do is press a button to place the order. US Macdonald’s has increased its sales by 25% after the release of its mobile app.


While you think about getting an app for your business, having a choice of platform to develop a business app is a must. Swift, Java, C++, HTML5, PHP, etc. are a few technologies used in developing these apps.  You can either choose an Android or iOS operating system based on the type of audience you want to target. If your audience is American than iOS is more favorable. However, there are circumstances when android development makes more sense

Mobile Apps Technology

Emerging Mobile App Development Trends for Business

Hybrid Technology For Both Platforms:

If you are looking for a middle way, a hybrid app is a solution for you. With hybrid technology, you can get apps without worrying about the operating systems. It is fast, easy to maintain, and user-friendly. It saves you the hassle of the platform as you will get customers on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Cloud Technology to Be the Norm of The Day:

Cloud technology is not a secret anymore as more and more businesses are gravitating towards it. The global cloud market is already projected to reach $266 billion by the end of 2020. From businesses to consumers, it has the ability to change the digital market. It is fast, inexpensive, secure and a good working medium for both small and large enterprises. These apps take minimum space in the phone storage while syncing and managing big data. 

Enterprise Mobile Apps to Accelerate Business:

Enterprise mobile apps are becoming increasingly important nowadays. More and more developers are drifting towards enterprise mobile app development as they are in top demand. The reason being that such apps keep large teams connected and earn 10x per month than consumer-based applications. Enterprise-level apps are predicted to be the next big thing, especially for the B2B market.

These apps offer great collaboration across all dynamics levels of a business, making it a smooth journey for them. Shortly speaking, these apps have everything that you need to perform your business activities seamlessly while equally maintaining a great relationship with your customers. 


The Mobile App Industry is growing with each passing day. With smartphones featuring technology, the industries are turning into eMarkets. These mobile apps seem to integrate perfectly into all aspects of our lives. The market trends show that businesses will continue to generate higher and higher revenue with eCommerce apps. Today, Android and iOS are the leading operating systems while hybrid apps are gaining popularity. Services like Mobylogix can help you build your app.

Thus, mobile apps have become an integral part of businesses; its time for enterprises and industries to develop mobile apps to meet the latest customer demands and global standards.