Live Streaming apps are offering a better approach for brands to communicate with their customers and provide a memorable customer experience with minimum expenditure amid COVID-19.

Web and mobile app development services are rewriting the rules of marketing and eCommerce. Consumer attention and customer experience have become as valuable as gold or oil. And what can capture their attention better than something that is taking place right at the moment and in front of the eyes? That is- real-time online content or in other words, LIVE VIDEO STREAMING.

Live Streaming has been the latest and most talked addition to social media and mobile applications. All the leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and others have embraced this trend. Eventually, entrepreneurs and companies are also considering live streaming mobile app development services instead of obnoxious ads.

More and more businesses are getting Live streaming mobile app development services as it has become the new trend to conduct business.

Live Streaming Statistics

According to the statistics of Statista, Live Streaming is attracting 10 million active users daily and they watch videos for an average of 110 minutes every day. 65% of the people between the age of 18-34 enjoy watching live videos and watch live streaming content regularly. 

Tons of businesses have started to integrate live streaming mobile app development services in their social media platforms to reach their customers easily. Some of the most popular live-streaming platforms include Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Youtube, and many others.

Why Businesses Are Preferring Live Video Streaming?

Live video streaming mobile app development services is the newest trend in marketing which is taking inbound marketing to a new level. It is not just for fun but the video content has proved to be useful for grabbing the attention of the new customers as well as keeping the existing users entertained. 

According to Cisco Inc., video content has accounted for 80% of internet traffic by the end of 2019. This is the major reason why businesses are preferring custom mobile app development services to develop their own live streaming applications. This is a great way to show their audience development & release process of the product when your audience cannot come to your store

So, let’s find out which industries can work with live streaming web and mobile app development services and how it can be beneficial for them.

1- Telemedicine

During this pandemic, healthcare mobile app development services with live streaming options have emerged as an effective and sustainable treatment solution to curb COVID-19.

Custom mobile app development services have helped to bridge the gap between patients, physicians, and the health care system. They allow people to stay at home and communicate with their healthcare professionals through virtual channels, thus reducing the chances of virus spread among the mass population due to physical touches. Hospitals and other healthcare centers are fast adopting this technology to better communicate with their patients at home as well as COVID-19 infected patients guaranteed at home. 

Chronic patients can benefit from live streaming apps to avoid physical clinic visits, thereby minimizing the risk to get affected by the coronavirus. (tweet)

2- Education Industry

COVID-19 has forced all the educational institutes across the world to suspend their physical classrooms. Universities are struggling with new ways to handle this sudden transition to online classes, but mobile app development services have made things easier.

There are discussions going on that if the lockdown continues for some time,  how would it affect higher education and what should be the future of examination and evaluation. Moreover, not everyone can bear the expenses of special virtual classes.

In such a scenario, institutes can leverage the best mobile app development services to create live-streaming apps that can really help students to continue their classes with the minimum costs. All they need is a smartphone and almost 90% of the youngsters own it. 

Live streaming best mobile app development services allow interaction beyond and beyond than in the actual classrooms. Students from any part of the world, especially those living in third world countries, can benefit from the virtual lectures. Thus, governments can leverage the potential of advanced mobile app development services to maximize literacy rates.

3- Retail Industry

The retail niche contains a huge number of apps as businesses are constantly looking for strategies and ways to attract customer attention to stay competitive. Considering the popularity and importance of live streaming, retailers are adding live streaming features to their apps to maximize their marketing efforts and increase sales and ROI. 

Live streaming latest mobile app development services in the retail industry facilitate smooth communication and promote incentive programs to enhance market share.

4- Logistics

This domain is about the delivery of cargo containing a large number of supplies. Suppliers are always concerned if the products are being delivered safely and on time. Hence, live streaming has proved to be useful as webcams can be installed in the luggage portion of the truck. And owners will be able to see the whole process at screens. Users can also monitor the location and supervise everything while sitting remotely.
Moreover, web and mobile app development services for live streaming are also useful for the drivers as they can contact the owners if something happens or any breakage occurs.

5- FinTech
With live-streaming mobile app development services, partnership and confidence-building have become a lot easier for the businesses. It can be used in the financial industry to manage financial matters on the spot.

Businesses can leverage custom mobile app development services to introduce something new and show their user’s new products or services. This can also help to consult or solve financial issues. This way, businesses can increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Wrapping Up

Live Streaming has been a buzzword in the business world and now COVID-19 lockdown has made it important more than ever. Google Meets, Zoom, Facebook Live, Meerkat, etc. are just a few examples that show the future of live streaming. While people are staying at home, live streaming mobile app development services are helping them to connect with each other.

Businesses that are becoming more digital can use the latest live streaming mobile app development services to reach out to their customers. This is a great way to keep your business going during the pandemic.

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