Bring your Business Metrics at One Place and Make Smart Decisions With Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence is a process of gathering, storing, and transforming data to keep an update of how your business is operating. It is a set of tools and applications used to process raw information to accelerate and optimize decisions and output. Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions is a comprehensive concept that aims to satisfy the needs of the businesses by updating and reinvigorating their data management systems.

During daily business activities, companies yield a lot of information. Most of the time, the data is raw, dispersed, saved into various files and documents. It can cause contradictions and the workflow may get affected due to scattered information. Microsoft Power BI managed services & solutions will provide you valuable information management tools allowing your organization’s departments to make more informed decisions.

How Can Business Intelligence Help you?

With Microsoft Power BI services, you can improve your customer retention and minimize error disparity. Microsoft Power BI managed services & solutions will help you to analyze what happened and how it happened so you can map out a strategy accordingly.

It provides companies insights and reports about core business metrics. This way, you will stay up-to-date about how all departments are working and how your business is progressing. 

Power BI managed services will enable you to develop a useful and workable course of action. It will help you to anticipate business patterns and develop a strategy to prevent or achieve the predicted result. 

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Uses in Industries:

Today, Microsoft Power BI services are used in various industrial sectors:


BI solutions are used in eCommerce to keep a record of the customer’s digital steps. It creates reports and built-in visuals to help you manage your business online.

Supply Chain Management:

Offer supply chain and operations analytics to gain accuracy and improve efficiency. It also has applications in other sectors such as healthcare, warehouse, finance, etc.

Power BI Solutions

Get Power BI Services to Understand Your Business

Investing in our Microsoft Power BI Services & Solutions can be a game-changer for your business. It is a cloud-based business analytics service that manages your most critical business data & information. A Power BI Desktop enables you to create quick and authentic reports just in minutes. Moreover. Power BI live dashboards will give a real-time look at the performance of your business.

Mobyogix is specialized in providing fully integrated Microsoft power BI solutions that meet the diverse demands of businesses.  We offer innovative Business intelligence solutions and responsive services to strengthen your organization’s infrastructure. 

We integrate power BI and Zap BI tools to help you make reports and share them with everyone in your company. Moreover, we can design dashboards that are accessible to all devices. We will help you keep your BI solutions run and quickly to turn your data into actionable insights.

We Offer the Following Microsoft Power BI Solutions:

 BI consulting

 BI Implementation

 BI Support

 Upgrade and Migration


Why Choose Our Microsoft Power BI Services?

Mobylogix is Microsoft Silver Partner providing MS solutions to its clients in the USA and all around the world.  We integrate data from all the external and internal sources including the past reports so that the BI solution can compare the progress and create forecasts. 

Our data security policies include ensuring role-based access to the information. We also make sure that your data remains safe and sound throughout the whole process. 

Apart from Microsoft Power BI managed services & solutions, We Offer the following MS solution: