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Blockchain, in simple words, is a distributed ledger technology. Comparing to the Internet where data is exchanged, Blockchain enables the exchange of values for carrying out any transaction. It is absolutely secure from any theft or hack, as the data stored on the Blockchain is unable to manipulate.

Mobylogix helps you with instant arrangements for your trade and transactions

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract lets you execute your business ideas without any manipulations or delay. Each task can be automated and secured through smart contracts. Our team experts offer quality design smart contracts and can help you with auditing as well. So, track every step of your agreement and check your progress as you go.

E-wallet Development

Do you wish to own Cryptocurrency or wish to trade them? If yes, then you would need a Cryptocurrency Wallet for that. The E-Wallet is a software program that lets you have multiple addresses that are corresponding to the pair of public or a private key. Such software is specially designed for management of digital assets.

Ethereum (ĐApps)

Many companies have taken the decision to turn to Ethereum, as this blockchain platform enables broader applications to trust the verification beyond the cryptocurrencies. This includes Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps), making Ethereum a reliable and valuable exchange medium.

Exchanges (Cryptocurrency)

This digital currency represents a shift away from the banking controlled currencies i.e. dollar, euros, rupees etc. towards a peer-to-peer decentralized arrangement. Mobylogix offers secure, flawless, functional and easily configurable solutions that enable you to have advance trading functionalities.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Mobylogix is here to help clients who are focused on supply chain strategy and transformation projects based on Blockchain development. Our experts will guide you with the right way of dealing with the requirements and creating a transparent supply chain process, with the help of developing a distributed ledger.

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The fixed price model is perfect for projects with clearly defined requirements and scope.

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