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IoT Services

Experience the power and possibilities of the internet of things with Mobylogix.

IoT helps you make quick strategic decisions, in no time. You can get insights into your customer preferences, remote operations, or industry trends simply by creating a network of connected devices. From smart vending machines, point-of-sale system, or medical devices, get data in real-time and improve the business efficiency and manage cost optimization.

IoT Data Management

At Mobylogix, our experts can help create and deploy the cloud-based IoT data management services. We understand and work closely with enterprises and help them with developing a scalable architecture that allows them to visualize all of their analytics and modeling from the data collected through the IoT devices.

IoT Application Development

From the people to the process, companies have various tools that they use to keep their organizational systems working in manner. Mobylogix works closely with your business and deploys custom build application that allows connectivity between your tools and apps. This leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity.

IoT Cloud Integration

More and more companies are leveraging SaaS solutions that enable them to start shifting the application workload to public cloud storage. This helps customers to lower their operational expenses for maintaining the deployed solutions and enjoy a stable and continuous operation directly through cloud management.

IoT Consulting Services

Mobylogix brings you the best industry expertise and technology along with the insights to create a robust IoT roadmap for your next project. We can help you integrate the right strategy with a mix of technology to deploy the IoT applications that will ensure you better profitability and consistent value.

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Fixed Price Model


The fixed price model is perfect for projects with clearly defined requirements and scope.

Billing in this model is done on the basis of the milestones.

Hourly Price Model


The hourly price model is suitable for the projects which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process.

Billing is done bi-weekly and timesheets are sent to the clients.



Dedicated Resource Hiring


This model is perfect for projects which are assumed to continue for longer and where offshore services are required.

Being a customer, you are billed on monthly basis for each resource and the billing can be fixed or hourly based.



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