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Quality Assurance

We make sure your software work, like they are supposed to work.

A thorough functionality testing is a key to enhance the quality of your developed software. Companies today, don’t take the risk of releasing new products that pops up an error as soon a customer clicks somewhere on the screen. Mobylogix helps you achieve your objectives and launch products or software with a complete QA check.

Mobile App Testing

User experience defines the success of your applications. People expect your app to perform exactly what it says. A critical eye analysis will help prevent any future negative perceptions. Mobylogix testing provides your applications an easy way to be prepared for critical user handling.

Website App Testing

The reaction of your websites’ audience is based on the expectations, flow, content, and loading time. Visitors care about online help response, speed, and navigation. Our experts check the functionality of your websites along with a compatibility test with all major browsers to gather vulnerable performance issues.

Cloud Testing

Depending on your business, we offer an efficient testing environment that reduces the execution time of testing large applications and lowers the cost as well. We do both Manual and automated testing services and on-demand metric tracking that delivers you true ROI analysis of your business.

Performance and Load Testing Services

Performance testing evaluates the components within your system and includes volume testing, scalability testing, and reliability testing, load testing, and stress testing. We offer detection and analysis with the right actions that can save up your development efforts and increase page ranking.

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Our Engagement Model

Choose the one that best suits your needs

Fixed Price Model


The fixed price model is perfect for projects with clearly defined requirements and scope.

Billing in this model is done on the basis of the milestones.

Hourly Price Model


The hourly price model is suitable for the projects which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process.

Billing is done bi-weekly and timesheets are sent to the clients.



Dedicated Resource Hiring


This model is perfect for projects which are assumed to continue for longer and where offshore services are required.

Being a customer, you are billed on monthly basis for each resource and the billing can be fixed or hourly based.



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