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Web App Development

We Don’t Build A Website. We Build Your Business.

Our team of professional web developers masters in creating user-friendly, search engine optimized, and mobile responsive websites that will win you, customers, regardless of the devices they are being used on. We ensure that your websites are highly compelling with a powerful content management system.

We help you showcase your brand, in the best way.

At Mobylogix, our software development experts are ready to take on your server-side applications, API, and Plug-in development, with Node.js platform. We code with JavaScript, so our node applications will work on any platform.

Our experts of Ruby on Rails framework are fully skilled with Ruby 1.8+, 1.9+, and 2.0+. Our web application solutions are based on MVC architecture, using the database. And, being an open source framework, ROR allows us to deliver your projects faster.

This framework is a lifesaver and is most widely used by SMEs and other web development projects whether large or small. Mobylogix offers python services of the dynamic website, and web app development using it’s frameworks.

One of the leading development platforms is PHP. Mobylogix has years of experience with many frameworks including Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Symfony. We have skilled in-house experts that are ready to make use of libraries offered by PHP to deliver ultimate solutions for you.

We are well versed in developing applications through React JS. Our experts can make your complex interfaces easy and build the best client-side experience within a single page application as per your requirements.

Vue.js is a lightweight solution that gives you faster server-side rendering. With our solutions, you can have a simplified development of web pages that suit your website designing. Vue.js is your ideal choice when it comes to creating eCommerce stores, financial software, or healthcare apps.

Our experts can deliver you cross-platform applications with high speed and performance, works offline and requires no installation steps. Angular JS experts at Mobylogix are eager to create high-end platforms with our paid & secure tools.

Our developers have been creating HTML5 web, mobile and custom solutions since the very first day. We use HTML5-based tools and frameworks such as PhoneGap that speeds up the development and lowers the project costs for cross-platform solutions.

To give you a quality creative and attractive website design, we have CSS experts available. By using CSS, website page will be lighter and also flexible for changing the content without any alteration in the presentation. Mobylogix also helps you with converting HTML websites to CSS.

We, at Mobylogix, are highly skilled when it comes to developing smart and powerful solutions with Drupal. We are trusted by clients for developing their drupal applications.

We, at Mobylogix, are highly skilled when it comes to developing smart and powerful solutions with WordPress. We are trusted by clients for developing their WordPress websites, blogs, theme development, custom plugin development etc.

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Our Engagement Model

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Fixed Price Model


The fixed price model is perfect for projects with clearly defined requirements and scope.

Billing in this model is done on the basis of the milestones.

Hourly Price Model


The hourly price model is suitable for the projects which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process.

Billing is done bi-weekly and timesheets are sent to the clients.



Dedicated Resource Hiring


This model is perfect for projects which are assumed to continue for longer and where offshore services are required.

Being a customer, you are billed on monthly basis for each resource and the billing can be fixed or hourly based.



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